Too many bottom-line decisions get made by managers who don’t know how to.

As your company grows, more and more decisions affecting its profitability get pushed down the organization chart to first-line managers. Managers who know how to make decisions in terms of their specific functional areas – production, sales, engineering, etc. – but not in terms of how those decisions affect your overall profitability. Since 1997, Profitability At Work has been helping Fortune 500 companies and other leading organizations close that gap in their managers’ knowledge. With scalable, hands-on training specifically tailored to each company’s metrics, values and way of doing business, Profitability At Work trains first-line and emerging managers to understand their decisions’ near- and long-term cost and revenue implications and contribute to your profitability as well as your productivity. Click here to see first-hand how our training works and what it can do for your profitability. Because particularly in today’s economy, your financial health is too important to be left just to your senior financial executives.